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10 Writing Prompts

In my last post, I mentioned using writing prompts and time limits as a way of exercising one’s creativity. Today I thought it would be fun to find some prompts to help give someone else’s creative juices a jump start. I’m going to suggest time limits for some of them, but feel free to make any adjustments to make these ideas your own. Have fun and happy writing!

1. Your best friend is marrying someone you hate. Hide as many insults as possible in your toast.

2. Write the story of a battle-hardened knight and an emotional dragon. Time limit: 12 minutes.

3. You are secretly a super hero working a desk job. You are terrible at suppressing your powers at work. Time limit: 9 minutes.

4. The remains of the human race live in a glass dome, with no way in or out, which protects them from the wasteland outside. One morning, a dusty handprint appears on the outside of the glass.

5. You’ve been kidnapped! You can call on the characters from one TV show or movie to make a rescue attempt. Who do you choose and what happens?

6. “I hate waiting in lines. I wish this lady would hurry up and pick a suspect already.”

7. Tell the story of a housecat who is convinced that he/she is a tiger.

8. You are a real estate agent for magical homes.

9. In Santa’s defense, the kid’s list read “velociraptor,” not “toy velociraptor”.

10. If we were all forced to wear a warning label, what would yours say? Time limit: 5 minutes.


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