Be the Change, Not Change All the B’s


Ok, peeps. I’m going to stray from the writing tips for a few posts. Please note that none of the following is said in hate (a word terribly misused recently), I’m simply sharing an opinion which no one is obligated to agree with or even read. And yes, I do have an education. And I do consider myself a feminist.

I spotted this picture yesterday and it really stood out to me. It’s like the saying “Don’t be a writer; be writing.” In other words, don’t wait to be who or what you want. Be right now, who you want to be, build the life you want, find your own style, do your own thing. Don’t wait for the world to cater to you. It never will.

However, I’d also like to point out that this does not imply that because things are taking a little too long to achieve, that we should storm the cities, attack our neighbors, teach our children fear, or join protests without know exactly what they’re doing. There are times when a protest is a protest and there are times when protests become violent riots consisting of people who feel entitled to things that other people quietly, peacefully work to achieve in their everyday lives. Please learn the difference and decide whether your approach is benefitting your homeland as a whole, or your current emotional state.

You want the world to change? Great! Be the change every day. In the way you walk, how you talk to strangers, how you go to work, how you disagree with people, how you dress, what you watch, what you read, what you teach your sons and daughters. Quietly being you, working for your accomplishments is the truest form of protest there is.

Again, I’m not saying “don’t march”, but for heaven’s sake, please march responsibly and peacefully. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, but she didn’t trash the bus or attack the other people on the bus. She simply said, “This is not who I will be.”



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