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Something that helps a lot of writers is music. But it isn’t always easy to find something that will help us focus. Sometimes we need background noise and sometimes we need something to help us inspire a scene. Accumulating a wide collection of websites and favorite tunes can be key to a successful writing session. So today I’m sharing several sources that I’ve found.

Soundfuel: Soundfuel is a site I use a LOT for my writing. The music is sorted by moods, genres, evergy levels, time periods, and you can find something with a medieval or modern feel. Clicking on a playlist will take you to YouTube, so like any other playlist on YouTube, you can see similar songs off to the side.

Writers’ blogs, websites, Facebook pages, Pinterest boards – anyplace an author might post some music. It could be what they listen to while writing or it could be a song that they think describes the feel of their book.  Some authors might even tell you what they like to listen to if you ask.

YouTube playlists: Search for emotional music, songs about overcoming, fast-paced instrumental, fantasy or Celtic music, angry music, etc.

Ask your friends what they listen to while studying, driving, or working out.

Try nature sounds: A couple of my favorites are a crackling fire on a windy night   and “Night Sounds with Wolves and Fire” This site lets you search by moods, archetypes, and explore what’s currently in the feed. This is a good way to explore different genres and artists. This is another site that I use a lot. It’s free streaming and has a free mobile app. You can search by artist, mood, genre, or activity. Playlists feature a title, an image, tags, number of plays, number of likes, and how many tracks are on the playlist. If you have an account, you can add playlists to your collections. You can also comment on collections, which can be a great way to network. Clicking on a playlist will also provide you with a list of similar playlists. “Best music to write by.” The home page features a search bar, a “Tracks” tab and a “Playlists” tab. Playlists allows you to search by music genre. Tracks allows a search by genre and gives the choice of “Top 50” or “New & Hot”. I think this site would be best if you knew what genre and artist you were after. Maybe there are more options once you have an account or maybe the site is very new and not fully developed. But personally, I find being able to search by mood or activity more useful to me as a writer.

Something else I find useful is movie music, especially if the tone of the movie fits that of my story. Another fantastic thing I’ve found recently is the music of Beth Crowley, who writes songs based off books and movies and I love the emotion her songs generate.

Some of her songs include:

“The Dark” – “The Midnight Guardian” by Bryna Butler.

“Red” – “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard.

“Pretend It’s Home” – “Divergent” by Veronica Roth.

“Warrior” – “The Mortal Instruments” series by Cassandra Clare.

She has many more, but these are some of my favorites. They are beautifully done and well worth checking out! They really help me keep particular moods in mind while I write. It’s also a great way to find new books to read!







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