Ten things about me!

You probably don’t lay awake at night pondering deep, dark questions like “Who is this Moose, anyway?” But if you’ve been following this blog, perhaps you do wonder about this weird, twisted head of mine. So today I’m sharing 10 little tidbits about me. Maybe we have a few in common?


1. My favorite color is green. I’m Irish, I love spring, and green is said to be one of the most natural colors and is therefore very easy on the eyes. It’s calming, and makes the brain think of new beginnings. It’s also the color of the outer parts of my eyes. It’s grass and hay and broccoli – all things that I like…And Dean Winchester’s eyes ūüėČ

2. I worked in a college library for 2 1/2 years. This was a GREAT job! I went to a community college, which I think is pretty special because you could actually get to know the staff and instructors really well. Everyone knew everyone. And I had the most amazing bosses anyone could ask for “Mr. C.” (as we’ll call him for this post) was the kind of boss people dream of: fair, expected us to do our jobs, but let us sort out our own methods and was always willing to hear from us. And my supervisor, “Mrs. J.” was fun and friendly and always encouraged us to use our strengths to make the library better. Plus, what author/book lover wouldn’t love working in a library? I could explore different types of books, I did tons of research as my regular work, I helped other students with research projects, and I could work on my own homework or writing projects in the evenings. I know a lot of people think working in a library is boring, but it never was; especially with two awesome bosses who were constantly finding opportunities for me to get involved.

3. I love¬†Audrey Hepburn.¬†Beautiful, talented, compassionate. My favorite movies are “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Charade.” She was classy, she said what she thought but never in an offensive way. She dressed beautifully but never showed too much and yet everyone loved her. She went on mission trips and loved to help children.A lady.

4. I have worked at 2 Christian summer camps. In 2011, I took a flailing jump into the life of a summer staff worker. I learned a lot about myself that summer and made some awesome friends that I still have today. Yes, I was horribly homesick having never been on my own before, I got a few injuries, I had bug bites all summer, and I kinda got left behind on a field trip. But I also found friends who became my family, hung out with some awesome campers, befriended a little girl who wouldn’t talk to anyone else, went on amazing adventures, and learned that God is with me every step I take no matter how alone I feel sometimes. In 2013, I was feeling lost and wanted that camp-family feeling back. I ended up just 12 miles from home at an awesome place called SpringHill in Evart, Michigan. Compared to The Springs, it was massive. I was in major culture shock. At the Springs, the total staff was about 50; at SpringHill the staff alone was 2000 plus a usual 2000-3000 campers per week. But I had a great time there. Both camps were a learning and growing experience I wouldn’t trade for anything and I’d recommend to any 16-25 year old looking for great people to work with and a Christian experience unlike any other.

5. I like cemeteries.¬† I know, this one sounds way weird and creepy. But let me explain: I love history. And I love the history of families. I grew up listening to my grandparents and aunt tell stories. And my grandparents took us kids to the family plot at the cemetery every Memorial Day and often on summer weekends. Around here, on Memorial Day, Families come out and get their plants settled for the summer. You plant, you make your plots look nice, clean the headstones, and you hang out for a while to pay your respects to any other families who come. At a young age, I was taught how to walk between rows the right way and to share extra water with whoever needed it. Now it’s the place I go to, to remember my grandparents and all the time we spent there and my place of peace when life gets crazy.

6. I named my first dog after a Disney character. I got a Golden Retriever puppy when I was 12 years old. I named her after the little girl on The Rescuers. My old girl is gone now, but every time I see that movie, I think my Penny.

7. I’m allergic to tree nuts. Nuts are getting to be a really common food allergy, yet I feel that a whole lot of people don’t realize what it’s all about. I am allergic to TREE NUTS. Which is almonds, coconuts, pecans, walnuts, etc. But I am NOT allergic to peanuts. Peanuts are technically not a nut; they are in the legume family, because they grow underground. People who are allergic to both are coincidental. This is why, on certain foods, tree nuts and peanuts are listed separately on allergen information. And anyone with food allergies has heard the phrase “Just don’t eat it”. But for me, I can’t eat a nut, I can’t touch a nut, I can’t smell nuts, I can’t touch something you have touched after you touched a nut. “May contain traces”, “Made on equipment that processes tree nuts”, “Contains nut oil or nut extract”, these are all things that will put me in danger. And it’s scary; so far, I’ve not had to use an EppiPen. But my mouth itches, my lips swell, I feel sick and if I touch a nut, my hands feel like they’re full of pins. Next time you meet someone with this allergy, I encourage you to ask them a lot of questions; they’ll feel better knowing you want to be as educated as possible.


8. My biggest obsessions are Supernatural, Pinterest, and fan fiction.¬†¬†Supernatural. Ugh, where to begin. If you’re in the fandom you understand; hello friends! Otherwise, you probably think I’m one of those “satanic freaks” who’s probably learning how to bring beings back from the dead. Actually, I’m just there for the eye candy…I mean the plot, the plot, the whole brothers saving the world thing…and looking damn fine doing it… Pinterest as I’ve said before is both a writer’s best friend and an introvert’s reason for being decidedly antisocial. True on both counts and that’s why I love it. SPN fan fiction has a grip like a vise on me. But it does help a fangirl get through the long days of hiatus.

9. My rabbit’s name is Cody. He is a blue otter Mini Rex senior buck. So his variety (color) is blue on top and a soft otter-tan color on his belly and around his face. He’s of the mini size of the Rex breed and due to being over 1 yr old is considered a senior. A buck is a male rabbit, whereas a female is a doe. Thank you, 15 years of 4-H. I refer to him now as a senior-senior buck because he is 8 years old.

10. I love country music. I know it’s not what it used to be, and personally I am getting fed up with some of the more rock-ish artists and with the non-family music videos coming out. But I still love Reba, Tim and Faith, Rascal Flatts, Luke Bryan, Maddie and Tae, and lots of others.

So that’s a bit about this moose. Hope you liked it, maybe even learned something from it. See ya!!



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