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Top 10 Fictional Characters I’d Like to Hang out With

Because who would pick real people when you could pick your favorite characters and their worlds??

14182673 1. Kermit. Because he understands that it’s not easy being green. Or being a writer.

tumblr_nby6akfLNC1rlpdfuo8_250.gif 2. Veronica Mars. Veronica is awesome. She’s smart, loyal, sassy, fun, and nobody will bug us ’cause she’ll kick their ass. Bet she’d have cool stories too.

2aa75c83690926fe886b3b0685b133a47d744d0a_hq 3. Fred and George Weasley. There’s seeing Hogwarts Castle and then there’s really seeing Hogwarts Castle. They’d know all the ins and outs of Hogwarts and Hogsmead, all the places no other students ever see and they’d  have tons of fun ideas. They’re probably on a first-name basis with the giant squid.

1752755254-8dc7118cc79b3bda4462acc7676a2114 4. Rory Williams Pond. He’s just awesome. He took being a timelord’s companion to new heights. Smart, fun, loyal. Yet he has clueless clumsy moments just like the rest of us.

library 5. Belle. Disney princess. Castle. HUGE library. I’m all set.

635953042973395915992420251_tumblr_n2i5cxu19c1sn2edro1_400 6. Dean Winchester. Yes. Eat pie and burgers, go for a ride in the Impala, joke around, maybe tag along on a hunt, check out the bunker. Dean is awesome. He doesn’t believe it sometimes, but he is. And he’d be a fantastic person to hang out with.

50e028111f491316522dd8721cb7676e 7. Merlin. Again with the castle. Get to meet Gwen and the knights, see Camelot, maybe help Merlin save Arthur…again. He’s the greatest Wizard of all time – who wouldn’t want to meet him?

0a49248df4474265fd63da04fd727a00 8. Newt. Aside from the fact that I’d be flat-out terrified to find myself in the Glade, I think I’d get along well with Newt. He strikes me as an introvert forced into leadership and while he has to act all responsible and keeper-ish, I feel that there’s a fun, talkative side to him as well. Plus I understand his anxieties and depression sometimes pushing him into scary situations and because he’s a keeper he’s learned to shove those feelings back and not take care of himself. I get it.

ei21 9. Laverne DiFazio. I love Laverne’s attitude about life. She wants to try something, she just does it. She wants to meet someone, she just walks over and says hi.  She’s the person I wish I could be: brave, spunky, and sassy, yet fun and ladylike. But she’s also chill with just hanging out at home eating cookies and watching movies.

nick_wilde_judy_hopps_zootopia-wide.jpg 10. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Coolest partners ever! Judy would keep Nick and I from getting too out of paw, and Nick and I would remind Judy to let down her hare 😉 perfect.

#11 BONUS: Cota. Cota is a character from my work-in-progress fantasy novel. Now at first Cota comes off as a cold-hearted, womanizing dick. But trust me, he has a heart. And he’s tons of fun. He would know how to slip out at night and go where all the action is, he’d joke and mess around with me, but ultimately he’d be super protective and always aware of what’s going on.

So that’s my top ten fictional characters I’d like to hang out with! Do we have any in common? Who would be in your top ten?


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