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Benefits of Info Collection Part 2


In my last post, I explained the importance of collecting information that will benefit your novels. I gave 10 sources that I’ve collected for writing themes of crime and/or injuries. (https://writermoose.wordpress.com/2017/02/24/benefits-of-info-collection-part-1/)

In Part 2, I’ll share some sources for the theme of home building and design.

In one of my novels, Zoe is an interior designer; so I collected various info graphics on everything from the names of fabric patterns, to house type layouts, to different types of pumpkins. Again, I might not use a whole lot of it, but I know at some points, Zoe will have to show her expertise, and when that happens I’ll have this information on hand, ready to further develop Zoe’s character.

Here are 6 sources I have on Pinterest for design/decoration:

1. I really did pin a picture about types of pumpkins. http://www.earnesthomeco.com/your-ultimate-fall-pumpkin-guide/  Ernest Home Co. is a fantastic blog for ideas on decorating and interior design. There is also a shop which includes both small and large items you can order for your own home. This particular picture features pumpkin identification plus it tells what types are best for carving or for eating.

2. bryndonovan.com is an EXCELLENT  source for writers!! Her site includes several master lists designed specifically for writers. Examples of her master lists are: Color Names and Descriptions, Facial Expressions, Words to Describe Voice, Words for Great Love Scenes. In addition, she provides posts on writing resources and articles about normal, everyday stuff under the heading, “Semi-Charmed Life.” Overall, this is an invaluable resource which I highly recommend to all writers!!

3. http://www.dreamhomesource.com has been very helpful to me! When it comes to describing a location, having my own visual to work from is a huge help. There are times when you need your readers to have a clear understanding of where a character is, and for some of us, that means having a visual map to describe. Dreamhousesource.com provides just such a map: use it to design a home, for your character. You can choose the house style, floor plans, choose windows and doors, and save your work for later editing and viewing. I’m sure this site’s purpose is for building your own custom home, but it’s a big help to me when I’m trying to visualize what I’m writing.


4. http://www.stylist.co.uk Lots of style and home improvement publications can serve as easy visual sources for writers. Stylist, like other publications, has information on home decoration as well as utilizing valuable space. Just as with dreamhomesource.com, Stylist can help me build a home that fits my character and help me keep the layout consistent so I don’t say something like “Zoe followed the left hallway to the kitchen” then in another scene say “Zoe took the left hallway to her study.” House maps and other visuals help keep track of placement within the story.

5. plethoraofwhimsy.wordpress.com From this particular blog I pinned an info graphic showing the names of different fabric patterns. As I mentioned before, my character Zoe will at some point in the novel show her design skills. If I decide to do that via reupholstering a couch, I may need to be specific about the fabrics she is using.


6. Buzzfeed can be a surprising place sometimes. In one case, I found this: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicaprobus/these-diagrams-are-everything-you-need-to-decorate-your-home?utm_term=.twaw2X8o8#.yyOpOqWVW

This post showed me diagrams explaining types of door configurations, wood types, patterns, specific yardage needed for upholstery projects, standard dimentions of furniture, lamp shade styles, a color guide, and several other useful diagrams – 37 in total, all with helpful pictures!!

So there are 6 of the many sources I have for guiding me in design. If you have any to add, please leave a comment! Stay tuned for Part 3: FOOD!!!




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