Info Collection Part 3: Food

Part 3 is here! And it’s all about food! For this post I don’t have as much information linked to informative sites. However, I do have links to my pins and some pictures to share.

Five food-related sources I’ve saved for my writing:

1. High tea etiquette https://www.pinterest.com/pin/230035493447684504/

Pinkies up, or in? How do you eat a scone? You want your character’s tea time to be authentic, but you’ve never had one yourself. This info graphic gives quick tips to make sure your character stays posh and polite.

2. 20 Words to describe taste and flavor. https://writerswrite.co.za/20-words-used-to-describe-specific-tastes-and-flavours/


Pronunciation: /teɪst/   The sensation of flavor perceived in the mouth and throat on contact with a substance.

Sour? Sweet? Hot? Bland? How about brackish? Astringent? This article comes from Writers Write, a site which provides writing advice, book reviews, and much more! Other articles I found interesting are: “123 Ideas for Character Flaws,” and “37 Ways to Write about anger.”

3. You wouldn’t believe how many types of hot dogs are out there! Is there a signature dog for your character’s home town? Or perhaps your character is a blogger or food critic. This link to Thrillist.com will get you started:  https://www.thrillist.com/eat/nation/ultimate-hot-dog-style-guide-hot-dogs-of-the-world

4. This picture comes from the Huffington Post. It describes popular apples and explains which are best for eating raw vs. pies or cider.


5. Finally, a subject I have no experience in, and therefore I’ve had to rely heavily on research:


So there are five of my pinned sources for food research. Nothing in my writing so far has been extremely descriptive as far as the subject of food, but most writers know that you don’t use all of your research in a scene. But getting to know your subject matter is definitely important.

If you have any of your own information you’d like to share or if you have a request for a future post about info collection, please leave a comment!

And speaking of info collection, I’m one of those writers who tends to stay up late working on projects and I sometimes lose track of the days. So just a friendly reminder: Daylight Savings is this Saturday night (March 11, 2017) so remember to “Spring Forward” an hour that night!!  🙂


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