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“Peter Penguin”

One of my own short writings. I used to visit my best friend at college and I’d often write while she was in her classes. One day she asked me to write something about a penguin. And this was born. Feedback is welcome! Hope you all enjoy it! Any alliteration fans? 😉

Can you find the hidden message? If you think you see it, leave a comment!

Peter Penguin was perfectly petrified by Priscilla Penguin’s pretty plumage.

Sure that she was the one he’d been searching for, he supposed that he should show his sudden affection by selecting a gift for her.

Icebergs were impossible and igloos inconceivable. Ice cubes he thought too ironic. An iguana would be ideal, but he couldn’t find one.

Lonely and listless, Peter looked around for a long log. Logs were good for lying on and every lady penguin liked logs for lounging. But the arctic seemed to be lacking in logs.

Over and around, Peter observed an overabundance of otters. A pet otter? Of course! Otters made and obvious choice: overly cute and almost obnoxiously fluffy. But Peter couldn’t get his wings on one of those outstanding otters.

Very unlikely were vultures. Vultures were vicious, very vain and downright venomous in their ventures.

Eventually, Peter endeavored to entrap an electric eel. Eels were exclusively exciting and energetic. But poor Peter was not educated in capturing eels.

Yet still Peter did not give up. Over yonder he spotted a yak. A yellow yak. A yellow yak with yarn-like hair. And yellow yak yarn made good yellow slippers for the little yellow feet of young penguins. He yelled hello to the yak but the yak yelled goodbye and walked away.

Other than the otters, no obvious choices came to mind. And an ordinary object simply would not do.

Unknowing was an unusual state for Peter to be in, and he began to feel useless. The unending search was almost unbearable. Peter hung his head, looking at the ugly ground, when a new idea came to him: perhaps a perfect stone? Practical and portable. A pretty stone for his perfect Priscilla! He uncovered the snowy stones and searched back and forth with unwavering determination. Finally he found it: the most unique stone to be had. But Priscilla seemed unimpressed with the stone itself. Ultimately, she said, it was Peter’s persistent care that Priscilla perfectly adored. Precious few penguins would pick through hundreds of pebbles to present one personally to her. And that was why she quite liked Peter Penguin.


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