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Character tag for my YA Fantasy novel

Here is a little preview of my characters from my untitled novel. It is a YA Fantasy which I am currently writing. It’s set in Denver, Co. roughly 100 years from now. Lord Wyren is the man responsible for bringing the lost magic back to humans and now he’s started a war in an attempt to become ruler over all who wield magic. My MC, Kya, and her friends are sent to a place known as the Fortress to learn how to control their magic and join the battle against Lord Wyren.

For this post, I found some fun questions for the intention of bringing to light the personalities of some of my characters. Feel free to use them for your own characters and if you have some favorite questions of your own, leave them in a comment – I’d love to read them!

Tag your OC who best fits each:

Whose style of clothes is most like my own: Kya. Kya likes jeans, tees, boots, the occasional tank top, and hoodies. She dresses to be comfortable but functional. She likes to wear her hair down, but quite often wears it braided or in a pony tail to keep it out of the way. She wants to look like a tough fighter, but now and then she’d appreciate looking casual and feminine.

Who would be happiest to know they were in a book? Either Cota or Lance. Either of them would love to be the center of attention and they’d probably love to help write it – adding in embellished details about their adventures and making sure the author gave them plenty of focus.

Who would be most likely to wear band shirts? Sparr’a. She loves her black nail polish and pink hair and if it wasn’t for being caught up in a war, she’d be the party scene type. Sparr’a would be rocking the band shirts, she’d be a regular at rock concerts, and probably dating a dude with a bright green Mohawk. Maybe after the war she’ll start her own band.

Who is the biggest opportunist? Mac is a major opportunist. To be fair, she was raised by a conman/thief. Her lifestyle is only encouraged when she comes to the Fortress, where everyone is looking for chances to get ahead and her skills are going to be a great help to Clan Bronwyn.

Who is the most sarcastic? While Kya and Mac have their sarcastic moments, I’d say Nick is the most sarcastic overall. He has a dry sense of humor and he is good at pointing out the obvious so sarcasm comes naturally to him.

Who would skip burning a bridge and just blow it up? Either Kya or Arda. They are both “Get ‘er done” type people. Something needs to be done? Want to beat around the bush? Not these girls – they’ll get the job done, no bones about it! Arda is often seen as quiet and reserved, not willing to get involved but she is like a hawk, always watching what’s going on and ready to jump into action. Kya takes anything life throws at her. Her world has been shaken six ways to Sunday and she is not a happy camper. She is willing to do whatever she has to do to get her clan out of the Fortress.

Who would be most likely to haunt their best friend? Nick has made it clear that it is his life mission to protect Kya and he would take up that mission even in death. He’d be the invisible person following Kya around, keeping her company, and dropping flowerpots on her enemies.

Who would be most likely to haunt their enemy? Ace. Ace escaped the Fortress very early on and he appears to have a very lighthearted personality, to the point that when Kya meets him she thinks he is unfeeling toward the situation in the Fortress. But Ace has seen more of what goes on inside than many other people see and he is more than ready to join Kya and Wes when they plan to overthrow the system. So if he had the opportunity to come back and get some revenge for the hundreds of kids who have been hurt, he’d take it.

Who would buy cereal based solely on what prize is in the box? Wes. Wes gets the little joys about life. He can see the big picture but he understands that life comes from smaller moments. If a part of his happiness came from completing a collection of small packaged toys, then by all means, he’d let it control his breakfast food.

Who brought the magic brownies? Cota. Is there any doubt about this one? Cota would know exactly what they are, he’d know exactly what he’s doing, and he’d simply sit back and watch the show. Easy entertainment.

Who is the most dramatic? Probably Carlin, although he doesn’t see himself that way. Carlin is tiny but he thinks he’s a lion. He is extremely brave and knows no limits for his friends, which can give him the appearance of being dramatic and over-zealous – it is those qualities which cause a shocking end to his truest friend.


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  1. This is so random of me to comment but I have to tell you that I just came across your blog and that I love it! Honestly, you have a lovely website here and I am so happy I have discovered it! I am going to follow you so I can keep up to date with all of your posts. Keep up the great work!

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