Fun Fact Friday!

It’s Friday, yaaayyy!!! And what can I do to celebrate this beautiful spring day? Thus, Fun Fact Friday is born! Little insights into my life in general as well as my writing projects. Hope you enjoy it!

1. I LOVE spring! I’m a farm girl and I love seeing the world come back to life in the spring! I love green grass and baby animals. I can roam all over the farm and see new things every day. And I can take pictures like this, a wren nest:


2. I usually have multiple writing projects in progress. This is not recommended for everyone. As many authors will tell you, focusing on one main project is the best way to go. But I find it works best for me to have that one main project going, but chip away at others. When I hit writer’s block on my main book, I can work on either another novel idea or one of my fan fiction stories. PS, if you’re interested in SPN fanfic, here is my profile on FanFiction.net   https://www.fanfiction.net/u/6886941/   This site has a lot of excellent writers!

3. I make blankets for Project Linus. Project Linus accepts donations of handmade blankets for kids, age infant to 19. These blankets are giving to children who are fighting cancer and other illnesses, or who have been through a natural disaster, or are in foster care. Having a blanket that is handmade gives the child a sense of love, security and personal ownership during trying times.  I like to crochet blankets, but you can knit, make quilts, or even tie-edge fleece blankets – they accept any kind as long as you make it yourself and it must come from a smoke-free environment.  They have many drop off sites; mine is my local JoAnn’s Fabrics store. Visit Project Linus to find out how you can become a “blanketeer” too!!

4. Prologues and epilogues, to be or not to be? I’ve read a lot of discussion in the last few days about whether authors should use prologues and/or epilogues and personally I think it comes down to an author’s writing style. Now, not every piece of fiction will benefit from either of these, but I don’t believe they are useless either. Personally, the only time I use them is in my series work. I use a prologue to pull out a significant scene that happened well before my story starts, either to point out an important event or to showcase a particular character’s personality. And I use an epilogue at the end of a book to give a glimpse into the next book in the series, to keep my readers looking forward to the next installment. In this way I think prologues and epilogues are a great way to keep a series moving, so for me personally, I think they are an invaluable tool.

5. What fandoms do I call home? Fandoms are great! There are so many places to connect with people now days and really delve into fictional worlds without fear of ridicule. My fandoms are Supernatural, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Merlin, The Avengers, Celtic Thunder, OUAT, The Maze Runner, and Buffy. Other things I’m a big fan of, but I’m not sure have an actual fandom are: Dark Angel, Hawaii 5-0 (the new series), and NCIS New Orleans. And I know, a lot of those shows have ended, but that’s why we have fan fiction 😉

6. Planner or Pantser? Umm, yes. Both. It really depends on the project. For some writing projects, I have huge outlines. For my current work in progress, I have some major plot points figured out and I know what’s going to happen to most of my characters, but that’s it. This story idea actually came to me first as an anxiety nightmare; I planned to write just enough to take my nightmare scene and turn it around my way. But it’s turning into a full-scale book and that said, I don’t have it as well planned out as some of my other projects. And by the way, we are writers – surely we can come up with something better than “Pantser”??? It sounds kinda dumb to me…?

7. What makes my current work in progress important to me? This project is big to me in many ways. We’ve all heard, “Write the story you want to read” and “Write for yourself”. This is the story I simply need to tell. It is part of me. The themes involved are a huge part of my life and many of the characters are the parts of me that I hold in, too often. This book is my way of dealing with some huge personal struggles and I really hope that someday it will help the people who read it as well. Follow my Facebook page to stay up to date on this novel, release information, upcoming contests, teasers, and more! Follow E.B. Roland




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