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Character Tag

Match the situation or question to your OC (Original Character) who fits it best. You’ll notice that some of these tags came as reader requests. If you have a question or scenario you would like to see in my next character tag, please leave a comment!

I’m using characters from my current work in progress, my YA Fantasy novel.


Kya had long looked forward to the Trainers’ arrival and her trip to the Fortress, where she would be trained to use her magic so she could join the war and free her homeland from Lord Wyren’s horrible grip. But the Fortress is nothing like she’d been told. Here there are practically no rules, it’s a land of kill first or be killed. Before she can hope to join her family on the battlefield, she must help her clan gain freedom. Can she pass the tests and help her clan climb the ranks? Will she ever find her brother, who started training two years ago? What is the mysterious force between her and the handsome Loner Wes? And will she be able to find out who the real enemy is, before it’s too late?

1. (Reader request) Who drives everyone crazy with silly songs? Cota. I think anyone who has been introduced to my characters would expect Cota to be the guy to mess with people in whatever way tickled his fancy at any particular point in time.

2. The building is on fire; do you save one sibling or four strangers? Kya or Nick would save their sibling.

3. Which characters would be in Ocean’s 11? Monica would be the overall mastermind – the Danny of the bunch. She knows what kind of people she needs on her team and she knows it will take all of them to pull off the job.
Cait would be our Rusty, the second in command, the trusted council, the one who helps keep track of the rest of the team, but I can also see Cota or Wes having that position as well.
Nick would be Linus, finding his own contributions and eager to serve his team.
Arda would be like Saul in that she’s seen a lot, she’s done a lot and she’s content with letting some of the new people pull the weight, but she is totally capable of stepping in and taking over.

4. Who would be in Miss Congeniality? Sparr’a. She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll knock you on your face…Sparr’a is called the Queen for a reason. She holds herself with poise and confidence. She’s constantly looking out for her clan, but she’s still herself – she has a style that she knows is all her own and she calls a spade a spade. She has no problem letting Baine know she despises him and if she’s especially pissed with someone, she may just let them know in passing when they’re going to die (she has death vision).

5. Who is the romantic heart? Ace. Ace’s SM carries horrible weight on her shoulders and Ace tries to lighten it whenever he can. Sure, he loves the physical part of their relationship, but he tries to make her smile, tries to get her involved with Loner competitions, brings her little gifts, basically does everything he can to remind her that there is life beyond the Fortress and someday it will all be over. As far as I’m concerned, that care is the finest form of romance.

6. Who would get kicked out of Walmart and why? Probably Lance. He’s been the wheeler n’ dealer inside the Fortress for so long that he’d have none of this 20 bucks for a new pair of jeans nonsense. He’d be telling everyone where they should be trading and probably he’d be trading stuff right there in the store. And he’d be loudly protesting as they tossed him out.

7.  Who is the most inventive? Arda. She’s learned how to give medical treatment to her clan mates with limited resources. She’s always the most practical when she has points in the Trading Room. And given her power, she’s an expert at shoplifting if her clan especially needs something.

8. (Reader request) Who would my characters be in the Lion King? (Gold star to my best friend for requesting this one and making me turn my characters into animals) Lord Wyren, obviously would be Scar.
I think Baine would match up with Zazu, albeit with an evil tint to his personality.
Kya would be Nala.
And Carlin is like Timon.

9. (Reader request) Who would my characters be in the Lord of the Rings? Arda is like Legolas in that she is quiet and calculating and can spring into action at a moment’s notice. There is also more to her than we see at first.
Baine reminds me of Gollum; he thinks in regards to his own interests first and doesn’t care who he hurts along the way. He also sees himself as better than those around him who piddle around with things like loyalty and friendship. His standing in the Fortress is his “Precious”.
Nick is the reluctant hero, like the way I see Frodo. He is willing to be brave for his friends, but he really doesn’t want to fight and the battle ahead completely changes who he thinks he is.

Thanks for reading my second character tag! Character tags are a fun way of helping readers get to know characters’ personalities. Feel free to use these questions for your own post and if you have a suggestion for my next tag, please leave a comment!




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