What’s this writer been doing lately?

Watching: Nash Bridges, Remington Steele.

Working on: crocheting blankets, creating author website.

Been doing: garden prep, visiting best friend and niece & nephew.

Listening to: Billy Joel, nature sounds, Skyrm music.

Looking forward to: Seeing Guardians vol 2, visiting best friend2.

Wishing: this head cold would go away.

Other book-ish stuffs: Decided on name for my fantasy novel!! Working on cover art. Working on contest to website opening. Designing book/business cards. Writing author bio.

Exploring: author websites, platforms, pages to follow, publishing & sales platforms.

Reading: Show Dog (Yes, still! I take a while with non-fiction)

Making: snowflakes for a bridal shower, list of publishing components, book teasers.


For anyone who missed it, I will be releasing a chapter of my fantasy novel THIS MONTH! Follow me here on WordPress
or on Twitter @ERwriter07
or my Facebook page, E.B. Roland (look for the inkblot) for more information!!
This chapter is a favorite of mine and my writing buddy, you’ll want to be among the first to read it 🙂

Also, I am considering Amazon KDP, Lulu, and Nook as my publishing platforms. If you’ve had any experience with any of these, I’d welcome any advice or experiences you would be willing to share!! Thank you in advance!






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