My Book

Chapter release is this week!

Hi everyone!

I’ve decided to release chapter 3 of my work in progress fantasy novel this weekend! I’ll post it on Friday, may 19th, so mark your calendars! This is an exciting chapter you won’t want to miss!


Kya had long looked forward to the Trainers’ arrival and her trip to the Fortress, where she would be trained to use her magic so she could join the war and free her homeland from Lord Wyren’s horrible grip. But the Fortress is nothing like she’d been told. Here there are practically no rules, it’s a land of kill first or be killed. Before she can hope to join her family on the battlefield, she must help her clan gain freedom. Can she pass the tests and help her clan climb the ranks? Will she ever find her brother, who started training two years ago? What is the mysterious force between her and the handsome Loner Wes? And will she be able to find out who the real enemy is, before it’s too late?


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