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Who I Follow: Part 1

Something I love about the writing community is that most writers are more than willing to network and share their favorite info ponds with each other! It certainly doesn’t pay in this business to try to do everything on your own and I for one would rather make friends anyway. So today I’m going to share some of the people I currently follow. I’m going to do a series of these posts over the course of the summer – including people/sites I use to improve my writing, Pinterest boards I use for character and world building, and just for a little added insight into my world, someone or something I follow just for funs. Enjoy and feel free to make suggestions!


First, let’s acknowledge the great cyborg queen, Jenna Moreci!
I first stumbled across Jenna’s YouTube channel last fall and I’m hooked! What draws me to Jenna the most is her outlook on writing and life in general. I sometimes have a hard time focusing on YouTube videos, but Jenna keeps it lively and she hits my 3 requirements for videos: (1) not too long, but not rushed, (2) speaks clearly and talks like an actual person (be aware: adult language, so wear your grow-up disguise) and (3) upbeat but professional. She’s also an awesome person to follow on Twitter, so don’t miss out! @jennamoreci on Twitter.

Next: K.M. Weiland.
I’ve been following Katie for a couple of years. I love the advice posts she has and her willingness to communicate. Katie does a lots of posts on character creation and development, which are favorite subjects for me, but she also has a lot to say on plot and various parts of the writing process. And this lovely lady was willing to answer a few questions about publishing for my college research paper! Thanks, Katie! @KMWeiland on Twitter or find her on Facebook.

Victoria Griffin. I just discovered Victoria a few weeks ago on Twitter and I’m in love with her personality and style! She’s definitely someone I want to contact when the time comes, in regard to editing my manuscript. I appreciate that she offers classes, so a writer can learn how to edit on their own, rather than always relying on someone else; so we can become better professionals all around. @Victoria_grif7 on Twitter.

Megan Tennant is also someone I discovered just recently. She’s an author and expert cat gif poster 🙂 She has a fantastic personality and is very easy to talk to – who doesn’t love networking with someone like that? @_Megan_Tennant on Twitter


Now, just for funs and inspiration: Kerri Walsh Jennings on Facebook. I’m a big fan of Kerri’s! On top of being one of the best beach volleyball players in the world and a gold medalist, Kerri is a wife, a mom, and a person who tires to put 100% into every aspect of life. Her FB posts include inspirational quotes, pictures of family time, and reminders that she’s not done being the best she can be. I love looking into this lady’s life and seeing what she has to share with us. @kerrileewalsh on Facebook.


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