Improving My Writing

Writing Prompts!

Hi everyone! Today I put together another list of fun writing prompts. Feel free to change them if you want and the time limits are flexible. I like the time limits for helping me learn to “just write” and get my creativity moving. Hope you have some fun with these!

1. Use the first line of a nursery rhyme as the first line of a dark narrative. Time limit: 8 minutes.

2. Everyone is assigned a guardian angel to help them through life. Due to a clerical error, you were assigned a demon instead. Time limit: 10 minutes.

3. Describe a world where everything is black and white for each character until they meet their soul mate. Then describe the day your character’s world went back to black and white.

4. You wake to find your fictional crush in bed beside you. Who is it? How did they get there? What happens next?

5. Write a funny headline and a 1-2 paragraph article to go with it. Time limit: 5 minutes.

6. Pick the last villain you watched or read about. Explain why this person would be a good significant other for you best friend. Time limit: 10 minutes.

7. Waking up, you notice three things: (1) Your bathroom mirror is broken, (2) There is a pink liquid on your floor, (3) a cactus is on your dresser. What happened the night before?

8. What are your top three most important qualities in a lover? Assign those qualities to your antagonist and describe a day in their life.

9. Create a warning label for yourself. Time limit: 4 minutes.

10. The last prompt is from one of my favorite Pinterest boards, TFR’s Writing Prompts!!



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