What’s your favorite…?

Megan Tennant recently did a YouTube video answering a series of questions (Anything but books tag) At the end of the tag was this question: “What is something that’s your favorite, but make it specific, like what do you eat when you’ve been studying for hours and forgot to eat?”
I like the whole tag, but I think that question alone could make a really good blog post. So here are my specific favorite I came up with.

  1. What is your favorite song for writing fight scenes?
    Because heaven knows my work in progress has plenty of those. I have a few favorites for this, “Red,” by Beth Crowley and “Stand In the Rain,” by Superchick. Also, “Revolution,” and “Ready, Aim, Fire.”
  2. What’s your favorite go-to when you’re feeling down?
    Zootopia. Inside Out. Fluffy blankets. Talking to my bestest friend.
  3. What is your favorite writing-related thing to research?
    This is kinda strange (unless you’re a writer and then you understand). I love reading about crime evidence and bloodstain pattern analysis. See? Told you it sounded strange. But they’re both fascinating to me. So that’s my thing.
  4. What do you eat when you haven’t felt like eating all day?
    Pizza sticks or cocoa crisps. Nothing healthy, but there you are.
  5. Favorite thing to write or read to warm you up for writing your novel?
    My number one thing is actually listening to Jenna Moreci’s videos. But reading fanfictions (SPN or Avengers) or writing a short fanfic help me warm up for my novel.
  6. Favorite part of my writing sessions?
    This one is specific in that it depends what kind of mood I’m in or what kind of scene I’m writing. If it’s the scene, my favorite thing is seeing the characters develop and relate to each other. If it’s what kind of mood I’m in, my favorite thing is figuring out plot twists, realizing a new plot point, or wondering what else I can do to a character to make their goal harder to reach (because us writers are terrible about that).

So those are my 6 specific favorites. If you like them feel free to use them in your own post and tag me!


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