Who To Follow

Who I Follow Pt.3

For this edition of Who I Follow, I’m going to list 10┬ápeople I follow on┬áPinterest. To keep things shorter, I’m just going to list the types of boards each person has. Hope you find something in them that help you!

1. Always and Forever. (dark themes, crime, writing prompts, cars, fandoms)

2. Olivia C. (fantasy, weapons, armor, character inspiration, deduction, names, clothing, settings, music, storyboards)

3. Emory R. Frie. (descriptions, prompts, fantasy, names, recommended books, characters, storyboards)

4. Cayla Core. (writing humor, sci-fi, dystopia, romance, storyboards, names, settings)

5. Creative Writer. (LOTS of characters, clothes, eyes, hair, storyboards)

6. Andrea Hall. (Heavy on fantasy, prompts, fantasy maps, fandoms)

7. Something faceless. (food, style, fandoms, writing tips, writer research, characters, villains, weapons, powers, and much more!)

8. Imagination Machine. (prompts, characters, settings, storyboards)

9. Become A Writer Today. (quotes, copyrighting, tips, marketing, books, bloggers, covers, social media)

10. Hollis Bodkin. (characters, storyboards, dark themes, crime, writer research)


If you have any suggestions or if you want to share your own boards, please leave a comment! I’d love to check them out!!


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