Improving My Writing

Writing Prompts!

It’s time again for writing prompts! As usual, feel free to adjust them any way you like, and I’ve suggested time limits on some of them to help encourage you to write quickly and get ideas out. Have fun!

  • “But he’s so cute!”
    “I’m so cute, but when I pee on the floor, you get mad. What’s the difference?”
    “Fluffy puppy butt.”
  • Describe a day in the life of an old hero and an old villain who find themselves at the same retirement home. Time limit: 12 minutes.
  • Write a scene including: an accident-prone guardian angel, a pool, and a hedgehog. Time limit: 5 minutes.
  • For some reason, every local criminal is terrified of your best friend.
  • “I’m just doing what the fortune cookie told me to do. Who am I to stand in the way of fate?” Time limit: 4 minutes.
  • Pick a fairy tale character who experiences a traumatic event. Years later, have them discuss that even with their therapist, explaining how it changed their life and perception of the world.
  • “I’ve decided to stay here, even though you said not to.”
  • “They told me there would not be any side effects.” Time limit: 7 minutes.
  • Your character is stranded on an island. Alone, or so they assumed. Until he/she wakes up to find a message written in the sand.
  • Create a brochure for a cruise line specifically for super-villains. Mention meals, rates, destinations, activities, and entertainment. Then do the same thing for heroes. For an added twist, create a scene in which both a villain and a hero get on the wrong cruise.

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