Chapter 3!!!

If You Give a Moose a Blog...

Hi everyone! As promised, today I am posting the first draft of chapter 3 of my work in progress YA Fantasy novel! Please read and share! And please leave any thoughts you have, I’d LOVE to hear what you all think! Thanks!

Note from the author:

Sparr’a is Sparrow without the “ow”

Kya is pronounced Ki-ah

Chapter 3

By morning, Kya’s wrist was stiff and the edges of the A3 were puffy. She wore the same clothes she came in with – the last comfort of her old life. Her duffle bag had been returned to her at some point during the night, but as she searched frantically through it, she felt her heart drop when she realized what was missing.

“What did they take?” Nick asked as he retrieved a clean shirt from his own bag.

“The picture of my brother is gone.”

“Surprised? After what we know about…

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