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Character Quotes!

Hi everyone! A few days ago I posted a poll on Twitter  asking what my readers would like to see in my next blog post and the votes are in for character quotes from my work in progress fantasy novel, “Kya.” So I’ve picked out some favorite lines, chosen by me and my writing buddy. Enjoy!

  1. “Kya,” she replied, as she grasped his hand.

    “Good grip ya got, for a girl.”

    “Excuse me? For a girl?”

    “Well you know. Most girls don’t have much of a handshake, let alone come ready to fight.”

    “Most girls are snowflakes, then. And I for one can’t afford to be one of those these days.” (Kya, Ch1)

  2. “My name is Kya! And you can pack up your ‘sweethearts’, ‘girlies’, and ‘chickies’ and take them back to whatever rock you crawled out from under!” (Kya, Ch2)
  3. “Personally, I hone the fine art of reading emotions. Not thoughts, mind you. Anger, fear, amusement, arousal,” he flashed Kya a smile. “Anything another person feels, unless they’re capable of blocking me.” (Cota, Ch2)
  4. “We’ve been here for two years, Baine,” Sparr’a answered icily. “Do you really think my memory is that bad or are you too stupid to know when it’s your turn to go in unless we show up?” (Sparr’a, Ch3)
  5. Cota sighed and ran his hands over his face. “Sorry, I’m sorry. Nobody’s pushed me like that in a while. Most people just assume I’m an ass and carry on.”

    “Well no one in this conversation is denying your ass-hood.”

    “My what?”

    “It’s just that I can see a reason for it now,” Mac smiled and winked before moving to get up, but Cota grabbed the back of her shirt.


    “No, no. Nobody calls my life a – an ass-hood, or whatever and just walks away.” (Cota & Mac, Ch5)

  6. “You can be a strong person without being strong all the time.” (Wes, Ch 6)
  7. “How can I say no to those beautiful, murderous eyes?” (Cota, Ch 9)

So there are some so-far favorite character lines from my WIP. Hope you enjoyed them; I look forward to sharing a lot more about these characters!
Do you have any favorites? What character(s) do you think you’ll like the most?



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