Who To Follow

Who I Follow Pt.4

Part 4 of Who I Follow! This one is a bit shorter, but I included 3 writer pages and this time two “fun” pages.

  1. Jamie Ralston on Twitter. I just discovered Jamie a few weeks ago and she is a treat to follow! From her everyday tweets about the life of a writer to her encouraging tips, clicking the follow button on this gal has proven to be a great choice!
  2. Devon Newport on Twitter. Another fun author to follow. Day to day author tweets and the best puns on Twitter.
  3. Gotham Writers’ Workshop on Facebook. Author tips, articles, and writing advice.
  4. Cory’s Book Jewelry on Twitter. Beautiful book-ish jewelry, handcrafted and magical! If you like book-related products, you have to check out this page!
  5. Tudor House Tea And Spices on Facebook. Tudor House is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. My best friend worked there as a temp this summer and I was able to visit her there a few times. Tudor House is an amazing shop! They sell teas, spices, tea ware, books, local artwork, and much more! My personal favorite teas are Peach Blossom and Mango Mist; if you’re a tea lover, you’re sure to find something you love. They also have a great rewards project. Check out their Facebook page, website, or drop in next time you’re in Kalamazoo!



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