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Where Did That Come From?

Questions about my work in progress answered.

Where did I get the inspiration for my book, “Kya”?

The idea for my book actually stemmed from a nightmare. I originally was going to write just enough to turn that particular scene into something good. But it quickly became a full-scale project.

Did you imagine all your characters or get pictures from somewhere?

Yes, I do imagine my characters, but it helps me a lot to have a close visual so I can keep them in mind while writing. So for that I turn to Pinterest and add a close picture to my storyboard. I’ never use those pictures as official promos, but if someone wanted to see where I got the inspiration from, I might be willing to share those pinned pictures.

Is the story set in a real place? Or based on a real place?

It is set in a real place in America. Why I chose that particular place, I honestly don’t know. But the book being set in a real place in the future was vital to the story.

Are any of the characters based off real people?

I can definitely say that many characters’ personalities are similar to mine. I like to think that I’m a lot like Kya, Nick, and Leo, specifically. This book is very personal to me, so I put a lot of my personality traits and insecurities into my protagonists as well as a few of my antagonists. I really think that’s what is making this story much more real and important, unlike some other stories I’ve worked on. Sparr’a is actually a name from the dream I had.


Now here’s a question from me: I’ve toyed with the idea of making a series of posts with profiles of my characters – which I’d put on my website rather than just here on my blog. Nothing super revealing, just physical attributes, common phrases, powers, etc. My question is: is that a good way of promoting my book before release, or will it spoil my readers’ imagination of the characters and be more hurtful than helpful? Any thoughts?




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