Reading: “Shirley, I Jest!”, by Cindy Williams.

Writing: Book review. WIP novel. Ads for friend’s candle business.

Creating: Fliers and signs for craft fair. Crocheting dish cloths.

Finding ideas for: Home business party. Expanding my freelance work. Expanding promotion for candle business.

Doing: Packing. Moving. Getting garden stuff ready for winter. Was recently in my bestest friend’s wedding! Repotting the house plants that are going with me. Looking for a new job.

Excited for: Moving day. Fall walk event. Seeing my bestest friend. Seeing my best friend, niece, and nephew every day. Halloween.

Watching: Blue Bloods season 2.

Enjoying: Writing. Reading. Autumn walks. Time with my aunt. Extra visits with my best friends. Sunny days. Very warm weather for Oct. in Michigan. Long walks with friends. Buddy chat night. New hair colors.

Seeking: Questions for my Halloween character tag for my WIP! If you have a question for my novel characters, which relates to Halloween, please leave a comment! Character tags are a great way to get to know a characters’ personality. Some questions already submitted are: “Which character would have the best costume?”, “Who would dare another character to sleep in a coffin and who would actually do it?”, “Who waits in the bushes to scare everyone?”
If you have a question you would like
added, leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you!!


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