My Happy Places

Do you have some place you go, or something in particular that you do when you’re not feeling 100% you? I do, and I call them my happy places, even if they aren’t all a “place.” We all feel down sometimes or stressed and it is important to have some sort of plan in place so we can unwind, relax, and bring our self-esteem back up. You can’t be all that the world needs you to be, if you aren’t even all that you need you to be. Today I’m sharing my happy places in hope that they can give you some ideas of your own. (And feel free to steal any of mine!)

The GISHWHES Lawn Party
This is something I honestly can’t explain a whole lot. I am a GISHWHES/Misha Collins fan and this interactive game has me hooked. You click around, see winners from the scavenger hunt in pervious years, answer fun questions and the biggest thing for me is listening to the weird phone messages from Misha. At the end, you can plug in your email address and it will send you an automated letter, using the answers you gave for the questions it asked. I couldn’t tell you why it gives me such joy; try it out and maybe you can explain it to me!

Marvel cast – Shut Up and Dance
I discovered this video a few weeks ago, and it became one of my new happy places! It just makes me smile and feel better about myself. In some strange way, it makes me want to try out more things in life.

Inside Out
insideout Inside Out is definitely on my list of feel-good movies! I thought the imagination behind this movie was amazing! From describing memories to showing the different emotions, to the way out emotions become more developed as we mature (for instance, sadness is not always a bad thing). This is one of the movies that can usually help me feel better if I’m feeling anxious or sad.

zoo I know I’ve mentioned Zootopia in a lot of posts. Well, I’m going to do it again! If you STILL haven’t watched this movie, get on it! Along with the social, race, and gender issues this movie takes on, Zootopia captured my heart for building a solid friendship with unlikely characters and just generally showcasing cute and fun animals. If the sloth scene doesn’t pull you in, I don’t know WHAT will. Seriously, who doesn’t see their local DMV this way?!

Buddy chat.
Once a week, my best friend and I make a point to meet on Facebook for “Buddy Chat Time.” This gives us a chance to catch up, encourage each other, and have some laughs. It’s super important to us, considering that almost 200 miles separate us and we only see each other in person a few times a year. We set a record of I think 7 visits last year, but she was getting married, so we had a lot to do. Buddy chat time is something that keeps me going all week, knowing that I’m going to get to spend some one-on-one time with her — and sometimes we both really need that time to let some feelings out or send gif hugs in mass!

DSC09744 Being raised on a farm, I love going for walks, exploring (especially now that it’s spring) and just spending alone time outside in the fresh air. This time of year, before the ticks and snakes wake up, I spend a lot of time combing over the fields and through the brush looking for sheds. Sheds are the antlers that white tail bucks shed in the late fall and early winter. It’s a big challenge because they are hard to spot in the brown grass and leaves and they are rather small in the grand scheme of things and quite often coyotes will eat them in winter when food is scarce. Plus a LOT of sticks look like they could be sheds. But in the several years I’ve been looking, I’ve actually found four (three of them last spring):

Self care is super important. It helps us be the best versions of our self that we can possibly be. Take a look at your life — your hobbies, things you like to do alone or with a close friend — and see what works best for you when you’re feeling stressed or down. What are some things you consider to be your “Happy places?”


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