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10 Great Websites for Writers!

As writers, reliable resources and useful websites are invaluable to us.
We are constantly learning about the writing industry as well as researching specific topics for whatever project we have going on. That is why it’s so important for us to read each other’s blogs, watch vlogs, and share our own resources! Today I’m sharing 10 helpful websites that I’ve come across for various parts of the writing process. I hope you find them helpful and I hope you’ll share this post with a writing buddy!

  1. Ambient Mixer.
    I found this site about a year ago (thanks to Pinterest). Ambient Mixer allows you to make your own background mixes or listen to those already there. What kinds of things are there? Nature sounds, thunderstorms, Hogwarts common rooms, Belle’s castle library…All sorts of things! This is very helpful to me when I need some sort of background sound for writing but don’t want to be distracted by words or a heavy beat. You can search by TV series or movies, characters, or sounds and it is very easy to make an account and create your own mixtures.
  2. SoundFuel.
    SoundFuel is something I love to point out for writers! A lot of us find it helpful to listen to music that sets the scene for a particular part of the story we’re writing. SoundFuel provides links to several YouTube playlists, all sorted by mood and genre. From Negative Drive to Motivational Drive, Villains to High Seas, and Western to Steampunk, there are lots of playlist to choose from to get you in the right mood! And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, leave a comment – the good people of SoundFuel are constantly adding the music that their users want!
  3. Pinterest.
    I’ve said it many times, and I’ll say it again: Pinterest is a huge help to writers! I use Pinterest to look for character models, create storyboards, collect writing prompts and writing hints, and lots of other things. You can check out my boards here!
  4. ThrillWriting.

    ThrillWriting I’ve found is not well-known for a lot of writers, but it definitely should be! You never know that topics you’re going to find on this site. If it’s crime, weapons, survival, horror, thriller, or law related, you can find it here! And the articles are written by experts and they’re relatively short so you can get pro tips without planning out time to read something huge. I highly recommend checking out ThrillWriting! ThrillWriting is also on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook!
  5. YouTube.
    YouTube has turned out to be a great resource for writers and a great platform for reaching both readers and other writers. Personally, I follow authors who meet my specific, “I can be reasonably entertained by this and still learn from it,” criteria: 8 to 12-ish minutes long, author uses their natural language so it feels real instead of “instructor-ish”, doesn’t try to pile in too much information, speaks to all skill levels, and is a real, friendly person. So basically, I look for people who are real and approachable, and keep the videos fun. The education level is important – I need to see that this person knows what they’re talking about – but if it feels forced or strict, I’m not going to keep my mind on it very long. I do have a top five recommended channels to follow and each one of these authors have been very friendly and approachable on social media as well: Jenna Moreci, Megan Tennant, Bethany Atazadeh, Bella Rose Pope, and Marisa Mohi. Fun fact: I just discovered Marisa on April 2nd, and she is doing something similar to my April blog challenge, she is posting a vlog each day in April, so head over to her channel and subscribe!
  6. One Stop for Writers.
    One Stop is just what it sounds like: a collection of resources and articles to assist writers in their craft. Built around imagination, knowledge, and creativity, One Stop strives to bring their readers the best information in the industry and thus bring out the best in each writer. At One Stop, you can create scene maps, story maps, and timelines, take steps to create a new world, and fill out various templates. They also have a large thesaurus collection including character, color, emotional, physical, talents, skills, and more! There is a lot to explore, so you should definitely check it out!
  7. Writer’s Digest.
    Write better, get published. That’s what greets you on the front page. Writer’s Digest is a plethora of information for both fiction and non-fiction writers. Whether you’re just starting a project or you’re finished and working on queries, or you’re in need of an agents, consultant, or writing coach, Writer’s Digest is the place to be! This is another expert-run site with podcasts, articles, and links for writers of any skillset. They also have forums and weekly prompts. And there is a list of updated writing contests, which is great because I know that they are all proven to be legit contests – because we all know that finding contests that aren’t scams is not an easy thing to do on our own.
  8. Gotham Writers.
    I think I found this site via Writer’s Digest. Gotham Writers is based in New York City and they provide classes on writing fiction, scripts, comedy, poetry, nonfiction, and professional writing. Their online articles cover getting published, crafting different genres, and lots more! And again, all written and taught by professional writers!
  9. Visual Dictionary Online.
    Given that I love Pinterest, this one should come as no surprise. If you want to know how ANYTHING looks or works, this is the site you need to have in your favorites bar! The inside of a door lock. Why we sneeze. Gardening. Appliances. Transportation. Society. You name it, they have it. It’s a really fun and interesting site; if you have some time, click around for a while, you’ll be surprised what all you can find!
  10. The Write Life.
    I just discovered this site a few days ago, but so far I love what I see! What drew me in was this list of 100 Best Websites for writers – a post that is evidently updated each year, so that is great news! The Write Life features information on publishing, blogging, marketing, and freelancing – all of which I’m personally researching and working with a lot these days, so it’s great to have resources to them all on one site.



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