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It’s writing prompt time! This time, I’m going to share prompts that I have actually done. Some are longer than others, but either way, I hope they inspire you to try out some prompts for yourself. One of my friends got me a book for Christmas called “400 Writing Prompts,” and I have been hopping my way through the book. I will give the prompt first, then my what I wrote.

While at the beach you  decide to write a message in a bottle. What would it say? Who would you like to find it?

Embrace the waves, ride the wind. This bottle is far more free than most people choose to be. It has no idea where it will end up, and yet it is going somewhere — somewhere bigger and better than where it started. Be like the bottle: jump  in, try, ride the wind and waves.

Write ten original thoughts that will be stuffed inside fortune cookies for perfect strangers to read.

Get your gas today. It might rain tomorrow and you won’t want to get out of the car.
Don’t wear brown on brown; too matchy-matchy.
Beware anyone who doesn’t read.
Always carry a book.
If your cat/dog doesn’t like him, dump him.
Your attitude determines your altitude.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
The lateral range is too great.
Be a shark, not a hoover. Cruise, don’t suck.

As an adult, would you ever want a treehouse or dollhouse? Describe it.

I’d love a treehouse! A writer’s “re-tree-t.” Somehow make it impossible for bugs and spiders to get in. A comfy nap spot. A reading/writing nook. Great view. Security system so I can hermit. Room for just a buddy or two at a time. Bookshelves. Fluffy blankets. Snacks.

Finish this sentence, “Life is short…”

And then you die. You can’t change either fact, so live! Don’t just exist. don’t make it feel even shorter by staying inside your box. Bust out and be something bigger and better. We are not our boxes. Be the you you want to be.

Define what bravery means to you.

Some people say bravery is putting someone else before yourself. But braver still is  sometimes putting yourself first, even when people think you’re being selfish. Bravery includes doing something others aren’t willing to do because they are worried about appearance. Do you know what a hero is? 99 times out of 100, a hero is someone who is hungry enough and cold enough and tired enough not to give a damn.



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