What’s in the Wellness Box?

As part of my new year’s goals, I’m trying to find more ways to relax and bring down my anxiety levels. So today I’m sharing the things I’ve found so far.

This is my newly named “wellness box”:


This is where I keep anything having to do with anxiety relief and personal wellness.

First, my Lavender candle. As mentioned in other posts, my best friend and I run a home made scented candle business. This candle is in the now discontinued tins, (we switched to 4 oz jars) so I use this one as an air freshener in my bedroom.


Next is my Lavender & Chamomile lotion that I was given for Christmas. It’s by Aveeno and I love the mix of the two scents and it really does help calm my nerves at the end of the day.


I don’t know what this thing is officially called, but I refer to it as the head whisk. If you know what it’s called please let me know, Lol!


Something else I was given for Christmas is an Essential Oil diffuser; I recently bought two oil mixes to go with it: “Deep Thoughts” has eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint and “Lavender Dreams” has Lavender, Sage, and Thyme. This has made a big difference in what my dreams are like – the nightmares have gone down drastically!

My fantastic neck massager:


Coping Bingo, which a friend is doing with me, is just handmade bingo cards filled things that are good for me and things that make me happy. At the end of the day, I put a sticker in each square that I accomplished.



So that’s what is in my wellness box! Do you keep something similar to help keep stress and anxiety at bay? Have any suggestions for mine? Leave a comment!

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2018 Goals


Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays! I’ve spent most of my holiday time compiling a list of goals, both professional and personal for the new year, and I’m going to share some of them in this post!

Writing: Finish writing first draft of “Kya“.

Other book-ish: start scouting editors, proofreaders, cover designers, promo opportunities, beta readers, & sort out remaining questions with my publishing platforms. If you have suggestions, please leave me a comment!

I recently joined my best friend’s work from home business and some things I’m working on for that are: additional product ideas, current project descriptions, branding, slogans, larger social media presence, build a blog, press kit, charity donations & drives, and finding local craft fairs. We make natural scented soy candles, wax melts, and wax tarts. Among other things, we are looking to expand into décor items to go along with some of our candles. It’s going to be an exciting new year for us!

Researching/starting a freelance writing and virtual assistant business. Possible services offered: proofreading, beta reading, advertisement creation, researching product branch-out ideas, branding, review polishing, location of stock photos for commercial use, & business card creation. Plan to begin promotion with local small businesses and friends with work-from-home businesses.

Beta reading experience. I already have one chapter from 3 of my twitter followers which I’m going to review and possible post my reviews here. If you’d like me to read one chapter of your work, please leave me a comment or contact me on Twitter! If you like my review, I’d be willing to make it into a blog post, with links to your choice of social platforms. I’m looking for experience in Fantasy (no erotica or dystopian), Mystery, Romance, and select Fan Fictions.

Creating ads for another friend’s business, EButterflyBeads. Emma creates beautiful jewelry, as unique as the butterfly that represents her brand, and I’m trying to come up with ways to help her expand on that. I recently created a few photo ads of work she’s done over the summer and I’m currently working on ads to promote her new email subscription.

Writing/editing classes: I’m looking at a few sites that offer cheap or free classes in writing and editing and I’m also expanding the number of YouTube authors I follow. This is both to improve my skills and to network with readers and writers. Please feel free to give me suggestions! A few people I would recommend checking out are Jenna Moreci, Megan Tennant  (currently not uploading new videos, but I like many of her past videos), Jamie Ralston, Cait, and Reager E Malato. For addional lists of who I follow, see my past posts, “Who I Follow: Pt 1, 2, 3, 4“.

Some of my personal goals are: drinking more water (using Plant Nanny to help achieve this), lose a healthy amount of weight (trying out Lose It!, but so far it’s not my cup of tea), walk more, make some friends in my new town, learn to take myself on dates, take better care of myself physically and emotionally, and redecorate my room where I’m living as well as my room at my parents’ house.

So there are some of my plans for 2018! What are some of yours? Let me know if I can help you with any of them, and please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for mine! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY WRITING!


Improving My Writing

My Writer’s Alphabet

Some people say that the ABCs of being a writer are read, write, and edit. But I’m a little more complex than that. So what does go into writing a novel, besides long agonizing hours hunched over a computer screen? Well, for starters, things like this:
Antagonist. Because someone needs to be there to ruin your MC’s life. But flesh them out – remember that they are people too. One of my favorite quotes to apply to writing comes from the brilliant Tom Hiddleston: “Every villain is a hero in his own mind.”
B: Backstory. For the MC, the antagonist(s), the goal, the problem, the climate – you name it, you should know the backstory around it, even thought it doesn’t all need to be shown or told to the reader.
C: Characters. Characters are the best! It’s their personality that make us readers fall in love with the book. They make or break the plot. Because what’s a story without characters to defy the norm or shake life up or poke a stick at the protagonist until they snap?
D: Depth. To me, the most depth in a story comes from the characters. The more you delve into who they are and why they do the things they do, the more depth is added to the story, the subplots, and the more the main plot is driven home.
E: Endless writing hours. Maybe not every single day, but when I get into a scene, I don’t quit until it’s done – which on more than one occasion has meant going to bed when the sun is coming up….but feeling great about what I just wrote.
F: Female leads. Because they rock!
G: Ghost. Because once in a while you need…a…ghost?
H: Humor. Toss it in. Put it in dialogue. Make a character freak the hell out. Make your MC’s buddy laugh. Just make the moment really real.
I: Ink. aka: writer’s blood.
J: Just one more chapter. That’s what we all say…
K: Kill them all!! Ok, maybe not allllll of them. Just that one character that I’ve worked really hard at making everyone’s favorite. Because it’s that kind of evil that I live for.
L: Love interest. Gotta have one, right?
M: Male leads. Because they rock too!
O: Over-writing. Not normally a problem for me…Unless it’s 4am and I’ve already broken my “just one more chapter” rule.
P: Protagonist. The hero, the heroine, the legend.
Q: Quest. Love me a good quest!

R: Revenge. Best served cold and dipped in the tears of the protagonist’s enemies.
S: Subplots. Hard to keep track of? Perhaps. Gotta have them? Definitely. Unless your characters’ world is supposed to be flat and boring, you gotta have a subplot.
T: Typos. Leave it. Just leave it and move on. It’ll be there when the scene is done and you can fix it then. Just breathe.
U: Underwriters. Guilty as charged. Just go back and flesh out the settings, maybe the dialogue, and a touch of backstory here and there.
V: Voice. Yours? Your characters? Or is it all the same thing?
W: Write. Write. Write. Write.

X: X-ray vision. Because that’s exactly what this story needs.
Y: Yes. Yes, try it. Follow that plot bunny. If it works, great. If it doesn’t work, great – at least you said yes long enough to find out for sure!
Z: Zzzzz… The end.





Tis Always the Season

Great blog by a great friend! Check it out (It’s not what you might think)


I’m sure most of you have noticed the changes inside stores these past couple of weeks. Their store decorations have quickly shifted from a spooky “buy our candy” vibe, to a HAPPY HOLIDAYS “buy our candy” vibe! Ha ha ha! In most stores, it seems like they have totally skipped Thanksgiving this year and have gone straight to Christmas. Even in my own home, we have already (slowly) started putting up Christmas decorations… though in my defense, Christmas decorations are much more sparkly than Thanksgiving decorations and snowflakes have been known to frequently fly through the sky in November… so, logically speaking, snowflakes can be Thanksgiving decorations too, right? *wink wink*


Now, in the grand scheme of life, I know that the whole debate of Thanksgiving vs. Christmas decorations the day after Halloween isn’t super important (at least it isn’t to me, I’ve got bigger fish to fry!); but I…

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My Book, My Writing


I am very happy to tell you all that my book’s website will be opening tomorrow! I will post the link here on this site as well as all my social media sites. Hope you all come by to check it out!

A big thanks to WebNode for being an awesome host site! It was very easy for me to edit the template and navigate. I love the layout I chose and how everything could be altered for my needs. I’m a person who generally struggles with designing things online, so for me to say that WebNode is quick and easy to use, is a big deal for me! I’m still figuring a few things out, but all in all, I think it looks great.

Also a big thanks to my writer buddy, alpha reader, CP, and best friend Emma for helping me get this far. The book isn’t finished yet, but thank you for encouraging me to keep going!

The website will feature my social media info, author bio, book synopsis, lots of cool photos, plus a few surprises!

Be sure to check it out tomorrow and let me know what your think! Thanks for following me and happy reading to my fellow book dragons!!



Ask the blogger: how did you get so many followers?

Excellent post! This is something I need to work on!

Milly Schmidt

I went out on a limb and contacted some of my greatest blogging idols to see if a few of them might like to lend us some of their wisdom in response to the one question we’re all thinking about: how the hell did you get so many followers?

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I’d get many replies. Surely these bloggers (with their thousands of followers) are far too busy to answer the many questions, emails and comments they must get every day? Turns out I completely underestimated how LEGEN – wait for it… no really you have to wait for it… sorry just a little longer – DARY these bloggers really are. Because who would answer an email from a random quote-seeking newbie like me?

Legends. That’s who.

So instead of digesting, paraphrasing and regurgitating some of their responses to make the perfect introduction, I thought I’d move aside and let the bloggers do…

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