Reading: “Shirley, I Jest!”, by Cindy Williams.

Writing: Book review. WIP novel. Ads for friend’s candle business.

Creating: Fliers and signs for craft fair. Crocheting dish cloths.

Finding ideas for: Home business party. Expanding my freelance work. Expanding promotion for candle business.

Doing: Packing. Moving. Getting garden stuff ready for winter. Was recently in my bestest friend’s wedding! Repotting the house plants that are going with me. Looking for a new job.

Excited for: Moving day. Fall walk event. Seeing my bestest friend. Seeing my best friend, niece, and nephew every day. Halloween.

Watching: Blue Bloods season 2.

Enjoying: Writing. Reading. Autumn walks. Time with my aunt. Extra visits with my best friends. Sunny days. Very warm weather for Oct. in Michigan. Long walks with friends. Buddy chat night. New hair colors.

Seeking: Questions for my Halloween character tag for my WIP! If you have a question for my novel characters, which relates to Halloween, please leave a comment! Character tags are a great way to get to know a characters’ personality. Some questions already submitted are: “Which character would have the best costume?”, “Who would dare another character to sleep in a coffin and who would actually do it?”, “Who waits in the bushes to scare everyone?”
If you have a question you would like
added, leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you!!


NaNo Prep Writing Prompt #2

In my last post, I wrote my answer to a writing prompt from my “prompt can,” as a way to prep for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Today, I have another one! Hope you and enjoy it, and feel free to use it!

Prompt: Your character’s name is Mina Torez. Write out what you think her bucket list would be (Min. 10 items).

  1. Swim with dolphins.
  2. Hold a starfish.
  3. See the Grand Canyon.
  4. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  5. Go to the Kentucky Derby.
  6. Stargaze in the desert.
  7. Adopt a puppy. Or two. Or three.
  8. Meet a celebrity.
  9. Vacation in Italy.
  10. Save some sea turtles.
  11. Have a star named after me.
  12. Write a novel.
  13. Learn to sew.
  14. Read every book I own.
  15. Be an extra in a movie.
  16. Horseback ride by the sea.
  17. Ride in a dogsled.
  18. Go on a train tour through Alaska.
  19. Go on a mission trip.
  20. Go to a Broadway play.

NaNo Prep Writing Prompts

October is upon us, which means the addictive ordeal that is NaNoWriMo is almost here. In preparation for NaNo, I broke out the writing prompt can! This can was given to me for Christmas 3 or 4 years ago by my best friend and writing buddy, Emma. She filled it with scraps of paper containing writing prompts, some of them with word or time limits. For this post, I pulled out a prompt which I will be writing for, for the very first time here. Nothing but spontaneous, raw writing thoughts here. I plan to do four other such posts – maybe today, maybe later in the week.

Write and advertisement. (You live in the space age and we can now travel the galaxies) A planet is for sale, write an ad to sell it.

For sale: One planet, slightly used. Previous owner used it as a guest home for various social functions.
Size: Pluto-ish.
Weather: Sunny, dry, prone to dust devils from March to May.
Vegetation: high population of carnivorous plants, including the velvety Spotted Dog Snatcher, the Python Pipe (blue variety) and the decorative Solicitor’s Vine (very popular with introverts).
Animal life: Blue Sail Buzzards, Llama Lizards, and Bugle Toads are in abundance, along with several smaller indigenous creatures. And the delightful song of the Midnight Screamer can be heard year-round.
Lodging: several beautiful villas have been constructed in the following locations:
Lost Lake. Location: unknown at this time.
Copper Creek. Location: just down from Ore Falls.
Politician’s Gorge. Location: supposedly near Honest Peak, but seems to have been relocated to Oh Knoll.

Overall, this planet is a delightful place for any desert-loving creature! Call for an appointment in the next 2 weeks, and enjoy a limited-time offer to survey the planet via a Blue Sail Buzzard flight and see the rare mating dance of the lovely long-legged laughing Llama Lizards!


My Five, Part 3

Hi everyone! Today I’m finishing the “My five” series. Today’s post features five of my favorite antagonists. Bear in mind that antagonists does not necessarily mean villain. Rather the antagonist, “is a character, group of characters, institution or concept that stands in or represents opposition against which the protagonist(s) must contend. In other words, an antagonist is a person or a group of people who opposes a protagonist.” An antagonist, for this post, will consist of people, but it could be weather, an object, a problem, or a place just as well.

Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter books and movies) I think what really gets me about Draco was, he didn’t really want to be evil. He didn’t want to be a Death Eater. He didn’t want to kill Dumbledore. He wanted Voldemort to be stopped. But he also wanted to be accepted by his family and peers. Who knows what would have happened if Harry had shook his hand that first day. Who knows who would have influenced who. Or how Draco would have reacted when he found out why his father wanted him to get close to Harry. I don’t think he really wanted to treat everyone the way he did; but his father’s reputation preceded him. No one expected him to be any better, so why try? I think Draco was a lot like Hermione, in that he already lacked acceptance before coming to school, so he greatly feared being a failure there as well. I am very happy that in the end, his parents chose him over Voldemort and I’m happy that we see Draco years later putting his own son on the Hogwarts Express without showing anymore malice toward Harry.


Regina (Once Upon A Time) Like Emma Swan, I did not like Regina right away. But let’s face it – we are not meant to. But one quality I have always believed in is her love for Henry. True love of course is the theme of the show. Regina suffered great loss at the hands of her own mother but it in no way deters her from being the best she can be with Henry. And I’ve really enjoyed seeing her realize that her loss does not have to define her, in this world or the last. And it is that chance that I’ve loved seeing shape Henry into a young man and turn Emma and Regina into friends. Regina has been on the dark side and has come out knowing what it does to a person.


Rumple aka Mr. Gold (Once Upon A Time) This is another character from OUAT that I not only despised at first, he just utterly confused me. I think he still holds a lot of the answers we all want from the series, too. I think Gold is a classic example of doing the wrong things for the right reasons, which makes for an excellent antagonist! And again, I’ve enjoyed seeing him change and reshape his life. I’m not up to date on this series, but the last it saw of Gold, he was rebuilding his relationship with Belle and helping to save Emma from the darkness. The character development with Mr. Gold has been unbelievable to watch and Robert Carlyle grasps the character fantastically! In my opinion, he is one of the most animated, passionate actors on the show.


Morgana (BBC series Merlin) I really, really liked Morgana the first I saw of her. And in the end I really, really hated her. I liked that originally, Morgana wanted to use her magic to help the people being persecuted by Uther. She saw people being killed for using magic for evil, for good, or simply being suspected of holding magic. But just as forces plotted against Merlin in an attempt to destroy Arthur, forces united to twist Morgana’s sympathies into hate. Morgana became an antagonist worthy of Camelot, Uther, Arthur, and Merlin. Even Gwen, who was one a close friend of Morgana, was forced to face her cruelty. But then others, like Mordred, saw her as a savior – following her leadership in a desperate fight to be free. Even in the end, I think Morgana and her followers believed that what they were doing was, at its core, right. And that is what makes an antagonist truly great.


Rowena (Supernatural series) I think any fan of the show would tell you, Supernatural has excellent antagonists. It’s hard to single just one out, but one of my favorites is Rowena. Once I realized that Rowena is an opportunist, it made her character just predictable enough to follow, but her actions were still hard to pin-point. She started out as a the newest big-bad, and she’s stayed long enough for us to see why she is the way she is, as we would with the protagonists. And because the MCs have seen that as well, she has become an occasional ally while still maintaining her opportunist side, keeping her interesting. This is another character that I’ve enjoyed to see develop and I am excited to see her again in the coming season.


So that concludes the “My Five” series. What did you think of these five? Who would you have on your own list?


Best of Summer

Today’s post is a little different. I’m going to share my favorite pictures from this summer. Hope you enjoy this glimpse into my world and I hope you all had a wonderful summer yourselves, full of adventures and memories!

DSC09620  This summer, I started working with my best friend Carolyn as her editor and ads manager for her work-from-home business, Carolyn’s Candles. I write scent descriptions, post interactive pictures on our Facebook page, answer consumer questions, and I’ve recently started learning to make the actual candles, melts, and tarts. This has been a lot of fun and a good way to lay a foundation for myself as a freelance writer!


Honey bees are starting to be a rare sight in Michigan. So this year, in an effort to help the bees, I planted a flower garden in addition to my usual fruits and vegetables. And they really took off!! Here are some of the flowers I grew (and many of them are still blooming)!

DSC00010 Delicate pink and white mini poppy.

DSC00012 Golden Zinnia (the hummingbirds and hummingbird moths loved these too)

DSC00060 Gladiolus

DSC00074 LOTS of Zinnias!!




DSC00092 Marigolds.

DSC00216 (2) Teddybear sunflowers!!

DSC09997 Cosmos.

DSC00145.JPG My mom and I took our yearly day trip to Ludington Beach. It was too cool to be in the water, but it was a beautiful sight as always!

DSC09637.JPG And we had an outstanding amount of baby rabbits born around the farm this year. This little guy, aka “the fearless runt” (orphan), is just one of 6 different batches!

DSC09675.JPG One of the many beautiful sunsets we had this summer!!

DSC09744.JPG Both the weather and the sky on July 4th were simply stunning!! To me, the family farm is always outstanding, but this was a perfect day!

DSC00027.JPGMy honorary nephew at the children’s discovery museum. He had a lot of fun and so did his mom and I! He got to try a lot of new things and we made some memories!

DSC00049And finally, while celebrating my best friend’s birthday, we also celebrated 10 years of friendship!!

Overall, it was a great summer! I was able to visit a lot of my friends, make some new friends, and make plenty of memories!

What adventures did you have over the summer?



My Five Part 2

In my last blog, I highlighted five of my favorite heroines from books, TV, and movies. Today I’m doing the same with five of my favorite heroes.

Frodo (Lord of the Rings books & movies) I like the reluctant hero personality of Frodo. He really truly wanted to help Gandalf and just let Sam see the elves. When he saw the different races fighting about who could destroy the ring, he somehow knew he could do it, and needed to do it, despite his fear. And in the end, he knew he had to break off from the group and finish the journey alone, with just his best friend to help. All because he didn’t want his friends in danger or alliances endangered by pride. Though the quest changed him in irreversible ways, he kept his hope and compassion and came through as a leader.

Merlin (BBC series, Merlin) Merlin is so fun and lovable, right from the get-go. Even though he shot his mouth off his very first day in Camelot and got put in the stocks. Merlin was young and fun-loving, eager to try out the limits of his magic. But he was also quick in realizing the very real danger of being so near King Uther while possessing magic. True, he made a lot of bad choices, but what I love about Merlin is that while he knew he had a job to do, he exercised great compassion for Arthur, Gwen, and even Uther – when he had multiple chances to bring an early end to Uther’s reign and begin the promised reign of peace, he chose instead to give Arthur more time with his father (time that Merlin himself gave up when his father died). In my opinion, Merlin deserves a great deal of credit in molding Arthur into such a selfless, compassionate, wise king. Plus Merlin was extremely funny sometimes!
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Hawkeye aka Clint Barton (Avengers movies) Hawkeye is one of my favorite Avengers heroes. What gets me most about him is that while practice has turned him into an amazing archer, compared to the others he is much more on the ‘normal’ side. No magic, no super strength, doesn’t come from another planet; he’s just talented and he’s worked for years to become what he is. I think he has a someone underrated personality as well; he strikes me as quieter and sometimes more grounded which just makes for a more relatable character. And the dry sense of humor is a plus for me too.

Simba (The Lion King) This one might seem small and insignificant to some, but Simba was the first hero in my world. Again, a reluctant hero, but more by someone manipulating him and just reluctance to be “the one”. Scar made him believe he could be great someday then told him he’d failed and he had killed his own father. Simba grew up believing Scar’s lies so by the time Nala finds him, it’s not that Simba didn’t want to be king, it’s that he thought he’d already failed. He was reluctant to try again, afraid that he would just end up finishing what Scar started in a fight he might not win.

Dean Winchester (Supernatural) From previous posts, ya’ll know I love Dean. But a lot of it has to do with his personality and how he’s developed in the show. I think I also relate to Dean quite a lot in that he tends to internalize his fears, self-doubt, anger, and insecurities until he hits his breaking point. And the breaking point comes in either the form of calling someone out on their shit or again blaming himself for things going wrong. Of course it’s not the healthiest way to live, but it is his learned way of survival – take it in, internalize, hide it, deal when you have to, repeat. He gets tired of being the hero sometimes, but he knows someone has to do the job. He’s quite willing to do it for family, but over the years, Dean has also figured out that he can’t fix everything for everyone; sometimes he can only take care of the here and now.


So there are five of my favorite heroes! Who would you add? What do you thing of these five? I’d love to read your comments or have a chat!